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Katrina Kaif had turned a deaf ear to Ranbir Kapoor's tell-all interview wherein the actor had called her, his 'inspiration', but the lady opened up during an interaction with the same journalist.

The 'Kala chashma' girl, who was reported to have put her career on hold for Ranbir Kapoor, said that she would leave her career for marriage if she wanted to.

It was released in 1965 and won the award for best Hindi featured film of that time.

It also won several other awards including best screen play.

Here is a list of some blockbusters based on India's independence.

Khan's award winning film where a handful of villagers learn the game, cricket and face Britishers on the field with the promise of getting rid of high taxes (Lagaan) if they won the match. The movie is an epic as the duration of the movie is four hours.

The lives of these carefree young men completely gets upside down when one of their dies in a fighter plane crash.Though she added that she must not be forced or coerced into it and if she felt that her heart should be at home and raise children, she would definitely do that.The actress also made it clear that more than a gender thing, it is a personal thing when it comes to choosing career over marriage or vice versa. Scroll down to know what Katrina said about her break-up...Watching these movies make us feel proud of our nation and evoke the feeling of patriotism in us.Everything from the colonial rule to the political affairs of India after Independence has been showcased on the silver screen by various directors.

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