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• Tap on the tadpoles one-by-one, counting up as you go. • Pick which of the two groups of spiders matches the number shown on screen. • Count the bees as you catch them and place them back in their hive.You'll also need to round up the cows, the chickens and the crows.• Count the alligators every time they raise their heads above the water.See if you can perfect your reaction times with rabbits, monkeys and mice.• Put the snakes in order, from smallest to biggest.

That's 36 different activities to keep content fresh, while three levels of difficulty ensure that little minds will stay entertained and engaged for longer.

• Identify the number that shows how many ants are holding up the hotdog.

You'll also need to choose the correct number of penguins, rabbits and birds.

Featuring a diverse mix of engaging counting tasks, with automatically adjusting difficulty levels, the game caters for Duggee fans of all ages.

Start by remembering which day of the week it is and picking what the weather looks like outside - then move swiftly on to some Early Years brain training!

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