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UBB’s summer schools have attracted students from all over the world not only because of their outstanding academic reputation, but also for the excellent opportunity they offer students of having a hands-on experience of research in various fields.

The intercultural dimension provided by the summer programs has become one of the most rewarding features of the students’ learning experience.

In 1933 the Biennale organised an exhibition of Italian art abroad.

From 1938, Grand Prizes were awarded in the art exhibition section.

; in English also called the "Venice Biennial") refers to an arts organization based in Venice and the name of the original and principal biennial exhibition the organization organizes.

The organization changed its name to the Biennale Foundation in 2009, while the exhibition is now called the Art Biennale to distinguish it from the organisation and other exhibitions the Foundation organizes.

The 1964 Art Exhibition introduced continental Europe to Pop Art (The Independent Group had been founded in Britain in 1952).

The American Robert Rauschenberg was the first American artist to win the Gran Premio, and the youngest to date.

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In 1972, for the first time a theme was adopted by the Biennale, called "Opera o comportamento" ("Work or Behaviour").The Art Biennale was resumed in 1948 with a major exhibition of a recapitulatory nature.The Secretary General, art historian Rodolfo Pallucchini, started with the Impressionists and many protagonists of contemporary art including Chagall, Klee, Braque, Delvaux, Ensor, and Magritte, as well as a retrospective of Picasso's work.Between the two World Wars, many important modern artists had their work exhibited there.In 1928 the Istituto Storico d'Arte Contemporanea (Historical Institute of Contemporary Art) opened, which was the first nucleus of archival collections of the Biennale.

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