Perl script for updating ip in dns

It runs in the background and can automatically update a DNS record on a configurable schedule.

An example dyndns implementation using the Dream Host API can be found here.

Such is the case when a residential subscriber to a ISP wishes to run a server at home.

In this situation, a script may be used to automatically update DNS records.

Dynamic DNS is the practice of automatically updating DNS records in response to a frequently-changing, or "dynamic" IP address.

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Any mail sent to a misconfigured server listed as an MX may bounce, and may be lost.Then you update just, using their Dynamic DNS update client.If you have a domain like, and want to have a subdomain like home.(where DNS must be controlled by a server that is not Dream Host's), you can simply delegate that subdomain to a different server by creating a Nameserver record.To use it: base_url="$/dyndns.php" pass="your_pass" # password matching PASSWD above ip="" # update addr, or leave empty to have the server grab the clients address host="" # whatever host you want to update record for wget "$?host=$&passwd=$&ip=$" An alternative set of scripts (including documentation) with some additional options and settings can be found here: Code and complete instructions for installation on Dream Host at Python Dynamic DNS Update Tool. There are a couple of Python tools, including one which detects & updates IPv6 addresses. NET Windows Service used to update a hostname with your IP address can be found at It may take up to 4 hours for computers on the Internet to notice that your DNS information has changed.

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