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Joe Keenan, Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Latin America, quizzed the audience of the May 9 Earth Day/Environmental Day speaking event at Cargill’s Hopkins/Minneapolis headquarters. Earth Day is a world wide event that is held every year to demonstrate support for environmental protection.The annual convention provides a week of more than 150 educational sessions and 2,500 exhibitions from every major construction industry.As a vital sector within the field, it was imperative that NRMCA have a strong presence at the show, exemplifying the advantages of ready mixed concrete within the construction community.

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Skipping alcohol, caffeine, carbonation, citrus juices, and acidic foods can help decrease the urge to go, and help you get through social situations without having to use the bathroom too much. If you are out on a date, be smart about your fluid intake.We are very proud to have collaborated with NRMCA on this event and project.Sandia National Labs and Lewis Rhodes Labs maintain a close research partnership dating from 2010.To accentuate the benefits of concrete as a pavement option, a dedicated portion of the booth was developed to mimic a parking lot while we also included a fountain to demonstrate how water runs through pervious concrete material.These little touches further established the intricate and expansive story of ready mixed concrete.

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