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A heavy rain is falling as Arlo and Spot are trapped in a rushing river.

During close-ups of Arlo, the rain is falling at a sharp angle to the right.

And with children, while this viewer usually tries to not complain about anything being too dark or unnecessary and has been known to defend films criticised for that ' The Good Dinosaur' is an example of a film where that criticism is valid and understandable, because there is some dark and disturbing content (like a decapitation and a drug reference) that added absolutely nothing and quite frankly had no place in a family film. The script is inconsistent in the laughs and emotional investment factors and is not as clever, witty, insightful or as intelligently structured as the writing for Pixar's best, coming across as even more paper-thin and simplistic than the storytelling and the dialogue itself is often cheesy and clichéd.

During close-ups of Spot, the rain is falling at a sharp angle to the left.

See more » This sentence appears towards the end and is then encircled in a ring, like the human family towards the end of the movie: "We are grateful to the family and friends of The Good Dinosaur crew your love and support made this film possible." See more » After being blown away by Pixar's previous film ' Inside Out' (which is one of their best too), while not really deserving of so many 1- star reviews ' The Good Dinosaur' disappointed on many levels.

The petition to change primary residential parent must include a proposed permanent parenting plan and a verified statement of income.

The doctor tells Jun Tao that he cannot do anything else for the Princess, and it is only left to fate now.

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