Godaddy pending setup validating mx record how long

Since I no longer had a hosting plan with Host Gator, only a domain management plan, it seems they would not allow me to add custom A records to my domain, which is critical to getting Blogger to work with a custom domain.

NET application hosted on Godaddy that I want to send email from.

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MX (Mail Exchanger) records specify and prioritize the incoming mail servers that receive email messages sent to your domain name. Sometimes you have to update them if you host a website with one network (such as ours) but you have email hosted in another. If you have an email account through another email provider and change your MX record to point to our mail servers, you'll lose access to your original email account.I can't seem to get my email hosted by godaddy to work.I was pointed in the direction of this article and was wondering if you could clarify what I need my settings to be in my MX records to make this work!?After updating nameservers, the website will be accessible very quickly, but all email will be rejected with e.g.: "188.1_does_not_like_recipient./Remote_host_said:_550_#[email protected]/Giving_up_on_188.1./" It seems as though the account won't accept any email until it "receives" the correct MX records from a domain, and they say it can take up to 48 hours (which is especially absurd especially as they be both registrar and provider in this case).Then I went to DNS Manager and clicked on Edit Zones under my domain name.

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