Free cam chat in kent

This is an all round great cam and engine spec for the road.

A 244 cam and stage 3 head results in 135-145bhp, although, these figures are best achieved with a recommended maximum 83.5mm bore and forged Accralite pistons, giving 1700cc.

These feature no side engine mounts plus a shortened water pump and timing chain/crank area.

The final versions, OHV, HCS and Endura are similar but shorter versions and share very few if any inter-changeable parts and reverted back to the original pre-X/flow design of a three bearing crank.

A double timing chain kit should also be fitted for the same reasons.

Performance heads are available in both iron and brand new aluminium and all can be ordered with unleaded seats.

For all builds we would recommend ARP rod bolts and replacement of the front pulley for a one piece steel item.

Our friendly Homestay hosts all have wi-fi and are mostly within walking distance of the school.Kents are quite easy to tune to GT spec, which usually means the biggest capacity block, slightly bigger valves (usually taken care of with a performance head), GT cam/A1, free flow exhaust and twin choke Weber - you should see around 80-90bhp.Switch to a Kent BCF2 or a 224 and you’ll be approaching 110bhp.Add a stage 2 head and Kent 224 and you’ll be pushing 115bhp although the favourite X/Flow cam is the 234 for 118-120bhp.You should get this with a re-jetted twin choke although twin 40 DCOE Webers would be better.

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