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So far as having an ancestor in the Revolutionary War counts for anything, I would be eligible to a membership of the D. R., although I would not exactly fit this organization, for, amongst other handicaps, I am proud of my rebel ancestors, and would be glad to greet them on the street, should they chance my way.But it is not for love of looking up my ancestry, or a desire to brag, that I am setting all this down, but for a much more personal reason.No doubt they drove through Henrietta, for that was along the main road into the West, but they did not stop, even long enough to meet my future mother's parent.Some years later my father's father drove from Henrietta to western Ohio and stopped at the little hamlet of Kinsman, twenty-five miles from Windsor, the town where my mother was waiting to be born.They had never met in the East, and did not come at the same time.

But their children, as they grew up, were sent to school.

Thus far, my chance for getting into the scheme was about zero.

It was necessary for the boy and girl to meet before they could become my father and mother, and this chance seemed less than one in a million when the families lived in Connecticut.

Bryan made it clear that he was not so much interested in the Age of Rocks as in the Rock of Ages. SCIENCE VERSUS FUNDAMENTALISM Making Tennessee safe for knowledge. THE BRYAN FOUNDATION The monument at Dayton has progressed to the point of an abandoned hole in the ground. A "DRY" AMERICA Bodies "overstuffed" with overeating are popular among the "good" people, but swallowing a drop of alcohol is injurious. THE EIGHTEENTH AMENDMENT For more than ten years tens of millions of people have defied this fanatical law. THE NEGRO IN THE NORTH I may not be true to my ideals always, but I never see a negro without feeling that I ought to pay part of a debt to a race captured and brought here in chains. A YEAR IN EUROPE Montreaux, and The Mediterranean:--How happy one can be with either! LEARNING TO LOAF I had stood with the hunted until I was seventy-two years old; I decided to close my office door and call it my day's work. THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST CRIME It is not a campaign against crime, but an orgy of hatred and vengeance. CAUSE AND EFFECT A physician traces a condition to its cause, and then treats the cause. THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND The poor men who have gone to their deaths on gallows are not the only murderers. THE MASSIE TRIAL APPENDIX It may seem absurd that I should be sitting here trying to write about myself in an age when only a mystery story has any chance as a best-seller.

When judges add to the death-sentence, "And may God have mercy on your soul," they have their fingers crossed. A NEW HABIT I had other interests and inclinations; and the time was growing short. QUESTIONS WITHOUT ANSWERS Better to say "I don't know," than to guess at answers. FUTURE LIFE No one can even imagine the place or form of a future life. DELUSION OF DESIGN AND PURPOSE If there is purpose in the universe, then what is that purpose? THE LAW AS IT IS To the average man, a lawsuit is a calamity. SLOWING DOWN The big arm-chair in the library lures me. TOWARD THE END OF THE TRAIL In spite of all philosophy, we are prone to feel regret over things beyond recall.

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