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It have also much smaller power consumption in active state against ATTINY24A and in power down mode it consumes few u A. Oscilloscope plot of VDD voltage is here if someone will be interested.

Power consumption measurement fclk=8MHz: ATTINY24A - 7.3m A active, 3m A sleep. Because this MCU have size 3x3mm including leads it is nearly impossible to produce reliable design only with wire work.

Below is quoted post from Hans, original link (thanks Elliot for link), anyway it may be useful for deeper protocol commands decoding: This is the a log from an EOS500 and a EF100LIS lens The lens is much newer than the Body, and it’s therefore expecting a “newer” startup sequence than used by the body You wil HENCE not find a lens info sequence like the one at the top.. As for the 44 command not being used (a bit further down in the same log): 0x00014E 90 00 ; Status request command first byte 0x00014F B9 00 0x000150 00 00 ;status reply: focus group at rest 0x000151 F8 00 0x000152 00 AC 0x000153 E0 00 0x000154 00 BD 0x000155 00 11 0x000156 EA 00 0x000157 00 A3 0x000158 00 D7 0x000159 00 8C 0x00015A 00 04 0x00015B 00 00 0x00015C 00 00 0x00015D E4 00 ; Lens extension factor 0x00015E 00 A1 0x00015F 00 C6 0x000160 44 00 ; Move focus group 0x000161 06 44 ;06 01 = 1537 steps 0x000162 01 44 ;toward INF 0x000163 0F 44 0x000164 0A 0F 0x000165 00 AA 0x000166 90 00 ; Status request command first byte 0x000167 B9 00 0x000168 00 24 ;status reply: focus group moving acc . 0x000000 00 FF 0x000001 0A AA 0x000002 00 AA 0x000003 0A 00 0x000004 00 AA 0x000005 80 00 0x000006 0A 81 0x000007 98 FE 0x000008 01 00 0x000009 00 64 0x00000A 00 00 0x00000B 00 64 0x00000C 00 77 0x00000D 00 9A 0x00000E 14 00 0x00000F 7F 02 0x000010 01 72 0x000011 00 B9 0x000012 94 00 0x000013 41 FF 0x000014 B0 00 0x000015 00 21 0x000016 00 20 0x000017 A0 58 0x000018 00 00 0x000019 E4 64 0x00001A 00 A1 0x00001B 68 C6 0x00001C 93 F0 0x00001D 04 93 0x00001E 05 93 0x00001F 0A 93 0x000020 91 93 0x000021 86 00 0x000022 00 00 0x000023 00 04 0x000024 0C 00 0x000025 0F 0C 0x000026 0A 0F 0x000027 00 AA …….

As result you will get ERROR 01 or maybe even ERROR 99 (pay attention for ERROR 99 because it is general error which covers "all problems on the world" and there may have nothing to lens, during my tests I observed only ERROR 01 when shooting or when DOF button pressed as only these situations adjust aperture in lens) when you will attach old Sigma lens to you actual Digital EOS camera.I will be happy to cooperate with others and tune SW for maximum performance but at moment it is doing what I need.Because camera is powering MCU even turned off, it was important for me to reduce power consumption.Most important information from this document is "buy original Canon lens or ask manufacturer for fix" which is not problem until you have too old lens for free of charge modification by manufacturer.So out goal is still the same, modify lens to make it working as cheap as possible. Aside lens change or fixed aperture use options we have quite elegant possibility to add controller which will change this command when it is transmitted to lens so lens can understand it.

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