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In these pages I have therefore relied on the translations and interpretations of other respected scholars, teachers, and practitioners who have far more experience and wisdom than do I.One overarching principle guided my choice of what to include in these pages, and what to leave out: a conviction that the teachings found in the Pali canon are just as relevant today as when they were first put into practice .Despite all the obvious material advances in the human world since the Buddha's time, the appear to be as vital today as ever: suffering and stress still pervade our lives; the cause still appears to be craving in all its insidious manifestations; and there is no reason to suspect that the is any less effective today at bringing an end to all that suffering and stress. For the most part I selected books, articles, and sutta translations that I personally found helpful to develop a better understanding of the Buddha's teachings, rather than texts that tend to fuel intellectual debates on abstract philosophical concepts.If you have any questions about copyright that aren't covered in this document, please direct them of the article in question.If, after reading the above, you still have a pressing need to contact me, you can reach me by email at editor [AT] accesstoinsight [DOT] org or visit for additional contact information.

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