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These countries were selected by the MFA as they represent some of the programmatically largest, and anchor significant country-specific and regional engagements.

In order to cover the very large project portfolio of the DAPP, an approach based on stratified sampling of projects across the four evaluation focus countries was applied.

Based on the 2002 Arab Human Development Report, DAPP funding has been channelled to four thematic areas: 1) Human rights, human freedoms and good governance: 38% (of total commitments), 2) Women’s empowerment and gender equality: 15%, 3) Knowledge-based societies: 29% and 4) Economic growth and job creation: 15%.

Since the launch of the DAPP, a number of reviews, assessments, and partial evaluations have been carried out, but no overall evaluation of the DAPP has been conducted.

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The programme is designed to address democratization and reform as well as Danish-Arab dialogue through a double strategic objective.The evaluation uses the selected projects as case examples, which – supported by desk study of previous assessments, reviews, evaluations, project reports, etc.– gives a sound basis for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the DAPP as such.The programme is designed to address the complex dynamics of reform and democratisation as well as Danish-Arab relations through a double strategic objective: DAPP is implemented through Danish-Arab partnerships, support to multilateral institutions and secondments of experts to key institutions in the European Union and MENA region. Between 2003 and2014, DAPP has been active in 11 countries in the MENA region, with varying intensity.Key DAPP focus countries in terms of financial commitments and political priorities during the evaluation period are Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria and Libya.

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